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What’s in a Name?


If you have to go to your child’s event, you need to pay special attention to what they name it.  If it is a, “Festival” or an “extravaganza” you may be safe, but if it ends in an “-apalooza” or the dreaded, ” -athon” you are in deep trouble.

Depending on what those in charge name it might mean that you will be there all evening, usually with mothers running a snack bar where you can find limp pizza, brownies, popcorn and that weak Kool-aid that is made with double water and no Kool. Jazz-athon?  You are there for at least 6 hours; Festival of Bands??   2.5 to 3 hours.  Band-apalooza?  All day, multiple bands, kids running and screaming everywhere, perhaps one costume change.   Art Extravaganza?  You may get out in two hours if you are lucky.  Just a word to the wise as we head to the end of the school year-athon.